what did you expect, a fucking compliment?

expect me standing tall, back against the wall, 'cause what I learned was; it's not about forcing happiness, it's about not letting sadness win

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Anonymous asked: It could very well be. Who knows? My dreams don't normally come true but many have before. And that "lovely" comment just made my life, even though i'm anonymous (but I assume you can tell who I am so whatever). And PS. Broadway Idiot is super amazing and it made me really want to see the musical. Have you seen Cuatro?

No mine neither but I like the thought that they could! Aww do people really have their day made by me on the internet? I’m flattered ☺️ ehh idk I could guess but I’m a bad guesser aha. I want to see it but can’t unless I watch it illegally. Excited for it though! Yeah I got the ultimate box set of the trilogy which came with Cuatro before everyone else. It’s amazing aha

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what do you mean there won’t be any clips of Hacktivist Emily’s Army Neck Deep or The Wonder Years playing?!?!?!?!

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okay just bear with me here while I get a bit shirty about something that’s grinding my gears

so Broadway Idiot the documentary has been available in the US for a rather long time now and they did that site saying “register your interest for an international release” which so many people did and so eventually they announced a worldwide release on vimeo…

except for the UK which is probably the country with the second most Green Day fans in the world. they tried to make it better saying oh it’s on Sky but Sky is ridiculously expensive and it’s a rather exclusive group of people?? it doesn’t seem fair that everyone in the world can see it except for UK fans who don’t own Sky who are probably still their second biggest audience for the show. I’d probably massively overpay to see that documentary.

they insist they’re working on a more widespread release and I understand that they may have an exclusivity deal with Sky but I just don’t think it’s fair to restrict such a big fanbase

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Biffy Clyro are probably, musically, the best live band I’ve ever seen. So in control of their sound.

Check out Revolutions // Live From Wembley and then Opposites Live From Glasgow.

I say this about a lot of bands but I actually think Biffy Clyro are Britain’s finest band