I'm the best thing that never happened to you

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Anonymous asked: You have a nice face :3

Oh my gosh all these lovely people thank you :3

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Anonymous asked: hi hello you are cute.

hi hello thank you so much

where are these suddenly coming from

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Anonymous asked: Hey Sam, you're very attractive, just thought I'd let you know.

Hey Anonymous, you’re very kind and it’s been a liiiiittle while since anyone’s said that to me so thank you very much.

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Anonymous asked: 1-0... less embarrassing than our FIFA results I guess

True, even the 1-0’s there usually involve me scoring with the keeper

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Anonymous asked: You got me. I asked the porn categories one, but nothing else though O:)

Sam 1-0 Rowan

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Anonymous asked: Would you do any of the things that the previous asker mentioned (spanking etc...) to your sexual partner if she asked you to? If so, which ones?

If they said they were into it and asked me to, I’d give any of them a go

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Anonymous asked: I like it when a girl cries during sex. I don't want her to enjoy it

I literally don’t know how to respond to this, other than I think that’s wrong. Everyone involved in the sex should enjoy it